With autumn looming large in the viewfinder, it’s time to get busy with the outdoor radio projects. This includes replacing the existing antenna with something new. Since my station is currently built around an IC-7610 running 100 watts, and I’m partial to wire antennas, I’ve decided to install an Inverted-L for the coming season.

I’ve had good success with the Inverted-L in days gone by and since it will be paired with Icom’s AH-4 antenna tuner and a decent ground system, I have high expectations for good results across multiple bands.

The plan is to install a new 40-foot mast at the end of the house near the radio shack. The vertical component of the new antenna will be roughly 40-feet tall with the horizontal portion extending about 80-feet. It’s not quite as long as I’d like but it’s the best I can squeeze onto my lot.

I spoke with a helpful fellow at DX Engineering a few days ago and explained to him what I was after and he suggested I look into the Rohn H50, a 44-foot galvanized push-up mast that was precisely what I was after. I’ll guy it at 25-30 feet after attaching it to the side of the house. The antenna wire will run directly to the tuner mounted in the shack on the outside wall.

Whole lot to do and time is growing short to get it done…