The 245th day of 2019 - 20 days until Autumn…

WEEKEND UPDATE: I took a vacation day from work on Friday turning this three-day Labor Day weekend into an even longer holiday. With the yard work caught up I figured I would enjoy some extra time on the radio. That didn’t work out so well due to weather, both on the ground and in space.

Rain and thunderstorms dominated Friday. By Saturday morning those had moved along but by then the Earth was experiencing a fairly sizable electromagnetic storm that made HF all but unusable for most of the day and that continued until Sunday evening.

By Monday morning I was sorting through the log and see that I made two more POTA contacts, three Colorado QSO Party contacts, and three contacts in the HPM event. I had better luck on Sunday evening in the Tennessee QSO Party where I made a whopping 21 contacts, all via CW and S&P and most of them on 80 meters.

It’s interesting that this Labor Day solar event coincided with the big one, the Carrington Event, a powerful geomagnetic storm during solar cycle 10 triggered by a solar coronal mass ejection that hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, almost exactly 160 years ago (September 1–2, 1859).

Not sure I want to waste the last day of my holiday hoping for better conditions. I might spend the day catching up on QSLing, the stack has grown to embarrassing proportions. Or maybe just a bit more spelunking thru the logs to find interesting trends and anomalies.

Frankly, almost anything would be better than spending more time listening to static crashes on bands nearly devoid of signals…