I already had the AX1 portable antenna for 20 and 17 meters, so it wasn’t a tough decision to order the recently announced AXE1 extender that adds 40 and 30 meters to the portable party with the KX3.

These little antennas aren’t solutions for climbing the DX ladder, but it’s been enough when I just want to plop down at a picnic table and tap out a few contacts without the ordeal of erecting a proper portable antenna. The addition of 30/40 meters will only enhance the fun.

Elecraft has this part figured out well. It’s like the paddle that bolts onto my KX3. It’s no replacement for a Begali Signature, but it’s more than usable for a few hours of field work and much easier to bring along.

The new extender is supposed to ship this week, maybe it will arrive in time for a little field test this coming weekend?