Since bringing home the IC-7610 from Hamvention, I hadn’t powered on the 7300 and was pretty certain that the internal battery would be dead. Sure enough, when I powered it up this weekend, it displayed January 1, 2000 for the date. I don’t generally keep equipment around that I don’t use regularly and I briefly considered selling it. But the NEW market price has fallen so much since purchasing it that USED market value isn’t worth the effort.

I’ll find some use for it, either as a capable back-up transceiver or perhaps I can take with me on trips where chunky and power hungry are acceptable performance traits. I might just make room for it on the desk and dedicate it for straight key duty where it will remain powered with a key connected.

Almost anything beats boxing it up and storing it in the attic…

It was a busy weekend on the air with special events. Seemed to be plenty of HPM, RT66, and POTA activity, and most of that was via phone.

That’s one number that’s up. Way up. 21 percent of all the contacts I’ve logged this year have been via SSB, the most for me ever. There’s simply more phone activity than CW these days and I’ve started taking advantage of it. At the bottom of the solar cycle beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m only working three days this week as we will travel to St. Charles, Illinois on Thursday for the weekend W9DXCC convention. I’m really looking forward to putting a face to many radio operators whose calls are familiar but have never met. The long weekend immersion into the world of DX and Contesting seem like a fine idea to me.

Be sure to say ‘hello’ if you go too!