Calling CQ

Issue 102 | August 21, 2017

SHIVER ME TIMBERS - Bernie McClenny, W3UR and editor of The Daily DX newsletter says that for more than a year an amateur radio operator from Southern Europe has been pirating calls on CW. It started off with VU2TS, but only on CW. Then he was switching between VU2TS and 4U1ITU, when the club was using 4U1WRC, again CW only. Then he began using 5H3PM, CW only and now the pirate has switched over to 5H3MG again - CW only. Bernie says he has confirmed with Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) that both 5H3 calls are not currently registered calls. The signals are clearly coming from Southern Europe. You can see his typical operating pattern here. It should be noted that QSL cards for 4U1ITU can only legitimately be confirmed by the club.

ARRL AUDIO NEWS EXTRA EDITION - The ARRL continues to expand its multi-media line-up with the addition of the ARRL Audio News Extra Edition. According to the announcement, Extra Editions are longer, uninterrupted audio segments devoted to particular topics. These will be posted on the Audio News site – scroll down the page and look for the Audio News Extra Edition. The first such program is an interview with radio amateurs in Williamson County, Texas, who have constructed a microwave backbone system to link several local hospitals and key ARES sites. I noticed the recent “Extra Edition” program was bundled with the ARRL Audio News RSS feed.

WELCOME TO THE FIELD RADIO PODCAST - “I’m John, W7DBO, a third-generation ham from Utah. I’ll be your host for the new Field Radio Podcast. It’s my desire to make this show your bi-weekly source for all things Field Radio. I’ll feature interviews, reviews, build projects and real-time experiences along the way. Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy the show!” - the program is already up to episode number three.

UPCOMING STATE QSO PARTIES - Hawaii, Kansas, and Ohio will celebrate Amateur Radio with a State QSO Party over the upcoming weekend. All are popular events and it’s an excellent opportunity to fill slots on those bands and modes where you need Hawaii. Hit the links for complete details and rules for each.

KL4IU HOPES TO CROWDFUND HAARP EXPERIMENT - “Help fund an amateur scientific experiment using the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) to examine the Luxembourg Effect! You will help me accomplish my goal as well as encourage others to pursue their interests in science with crowdfunding.” Follow the links on his IndieGoGo page for complete details.

FLASH MOB ON THE AIR - Several weeks ago, Wayne, N6KR, of Elecraft noticed a band opening on 10 meters and posted a message on the Elecraft reflector proclaiming a “Flash Mob experiment, right now, on 28.050!” Keep in mind this is an experiment. No rules :) N6KR, later said: “The flash mob idea went over very well with our customers and I plan to do these roughly on a weekly basis, just when everyone thinks the sunspots have taken their toys and gone home. I wasn’t looking at the flash mob as a contest, but just as an excuse to get people on the air in a time of protracted RF drought.” - ARRL Contest Update

Ten More Clicks


When Vibroplex acquired INRAD (International Radio) it obtained nearly the complete run of the “IRCI” newsletters for Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu that were published from 1979 to 1994. It’s one of the largest collections of mods, repairs, tips, reviews, user notes, for every JA radio that came out over that 15-year stretch. It’s a LOT of paperwork - 344 multi page issues among the 3, meaning thousands of pages that fill 6 or 7 three ring binders - a gold mine of information about the radios of that era.

Scott, W4PA contacted me recently about finding someone willing to scan the entire collection so it may be shared online. It’s not a paid task, and Scott has no pecuniary interest in the project. He just wants to make these freely available online, it’s strictly a goodwill gesture and a nice one at that.

If you have an interest, spare time, and the ability to digitize this entire collection, drop me a note and let’s talk about how you can help make this historic archive another brick in the ham radio wall.

Make it a GREAT week!

73, Jeff