A new four-band, five watt, CW transceiver kit from WA3RNC is set to be made available in a few days. The TR-35 follows up on the two-band TR-25 transceiver released last year. Full-coverage on 40, 30, 20, and 17 meters with 5 watts output on all bands with 12VDC input. I like that my TR-25 has separate jacks for straight key and paddles and that feature is also included in the TR-35.

The TR-35 will be available factory-built or as a kit. I could find no price for the new transceiver yet, but the site indicates it will be available for order beginning on January 17th.

The assembly manuals, schematics, and full operating instructions are available for download from the site - scroll down to “Resources”.

The TR-35 is a 4-band 5-watt CW transceiver covering the 40-, 30-, 20-, and 17- meter bands with generous receiver tuning ranges above and below each band. Selectable receiver modes allow for narrow band CW, wideband CW, and SSB reception. Refer to the front panel for the location of the switches and controls. The four rotary controls are pretty much self-explanatory. There is a keyer speed control (5-45 WPM) on the left, then the TX Power (0-5W) adjust pot, an RF gain control, and a volume control. The power on-off switch is at the upper left, the Receiver Mode and AUX switch is in the middle, and the Band selector and RIT switch is to the right. The two right-most switches are 3-position spring return toggle switches. To change bands, momentarily flip this switch upward and allow it to return to the center off position. Do this quickly, and the unit will consecutively switch from one band to another.