The ADALM-Pluto SDR was launched as an experimental and evaluation platform. It provides RF coverage from 325 MHz to 3.8 GHz with up to 20 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. Those capabilities have made it popular for use in many QO-100 satellite ground stations.

It can also be used for digital amateur television and can be an integral component in the popular Portsdown DATV system as one part of the RF generation and DATV modulator. And since that’s my current project, it was time to acquire one.

A quick online scan and I found that Mouser had the best price with more than 1000 of them available. I ordered one on Saturday and it has already been shipped and should arrive in a couple of days.

And serendipity, just a few days before I placed my order Daniel Estévez, EA4GPZ announced this:

Happy to release Maia SDR, an open-source FPGA-based SDR project focusing on the ADALM Pluto. This first release can display the waterfall on a web browser using WebGL2 and record in SigMF format, at up to 61.44 Msps. Here is a short demo, and some technical details.

Looks like there will be no shortage of things to learn, explore, and build!