Not long after the billionaire idiot bought Twitter and began to sabotage it, there was a significant migration to Mastodon. Best I can tell about ten percent of Twitter users became Mastodon users almost overnight. I signed up for an account too, but quickly decided it wasn’t my thing and deleted it.

Fast-forward a few months and the brainless saboteur is still trying to kill Twitter, this time by banning third-party clients. My favorite of those was Tweetbot and now those same developers (TapBots) are hoping something can be salvaged with a new client application for Mastodon.

It’s called Ivory and is available in the iOS App Store. I wanted to give it a spin and support its developers so I created another Mastodon account and installed the new client.

It’s a slick bit of work though there is more that needs doing (see the roadmap), but given they were given no advanced warning that the rug would be yanked from under them, it’s probably already the best 3rd party application for Mastodon available and well worth a look.