I just sent my Lab599 TX-500 transceiver to the US service center in Nevada for necessary repairs. The LCD screen had gone into some frozen hieroglyphics mode and after a few email exchanges with support giving me instructions for replacing the internal battery, updating the firmware, and resetting the system, the problem persisted. I don’t have any idea how long this will take but I’m hopeful it will return soon given that outdoor weather is just around the corner.

The transceiver is an excellent performer with few shortcomings. Though it has been difficult to obtain in the past, global supplies have eased considerably and they are now available on the shelf at HRO for US customers. The Russian-based creators of the transceiver now have them assembled in the United Arab Emirates and this move seems to have stabilized the export supply chain.

Firmware updates have continued to be made regularly available since the TX-500 first hit the market and customer support has remained strong despite the situation. The aftermarket continues to move at a snails pace, perhaps waiting for assurance that the TX-500 will continue to be a viable offering in the amateur radio market during and after war in Ukraine.

Despite having a KX3, IC-705, TR-35, and several other portable transceivers in my collection, the TX-500 remains my favorite field radio and I hope to have it it back and in operation soon.