1. Randy, K7AGE dropped a couple of videos over the weekend following his receipt of the KM3KM amplifier and automatic antenna tuner. He ordered these just over a year ago. I followed his lead a few months later and placed my order in May. After such a protracted time his news has buoyed my hope that the long wait may soon be over. I already have the auto-tuner and have upgraded the feed lines to safely handle higher power. I won’t have 240 VAC in the shack until July so will throttle the amp to 500 watts while it’s fed from 120 VAC.

  2. One of the Idaho stations worked in the IDQP this weekend confirmed our phone QSO via LoTW. That moves me just one step away from the WAS-Phone award. I still need a similar contact with Utah — and the 7QP event is only six weeks off. I hope to nail this one down soon as it’s been hanging out there for quite some time. Over the last twenty years fewer than five percent of my HF activities have been on phone. It’s a mode I don’t use much which is evident from my lack of WAS-Phone and DXCC-Phone.

  3. The 3Y0J Bouvet Island DXpedition has concluded. Now comes the telling of the tale. Adrian Ciuperca (KO8SCA) provided the Northern Illinois DX Association with the first presentation on what life was like for the 3Y0J Bouvet Island DXpedition. Join NIDXA members in hearing the adventure from someone who was there via this YouTube video.