After leaping from winter directly to summer, literally snowing one day and 85F the next, our weather has turned more spring-like, at least for the next couple of weeks. There’s even a freeze warning for tonight which might kill a few flowers and slow the lawn growth but is no big deal. It’s just that time of season when the weather confounds the birds and the farmers. And given that we ran both the furnace and the air-conditioning on the same day last week, I’m confounded by this weather too.

I’ve made a few minor changes to the site by consolidating the archive listing into a single file. I had been breaking that into ‘years’ to reduce the size of the listing, but that was a kludgy solution that I’ve never been happy about and find it more acceptable to live with the longer archive listing. My propensity for making changes like this directly on the server without first testing them offline to minimize the risk of data loss isn’t recommended, but thirty years of HTML wrangling has left me with no fear about these kinds of modifications.

My dog, Marshall Tucker, got into a fight with a larger dog over a toy last week and ended up with several nasty bites on his legs. We couldn’t see how bad those wounds were until the vet shaved his legs revealing several deep bites requiring more than a few stitches to patch him up. While we wait for those to come out he’s forced to wear the dreaded “cone” on his head so we’ve been trying to keep him calm which is no easy task for such a high-energy fellow, but it has helped to take frequent naps - a silver lining!

Our usual Sunday routine is hosting dinner for the kids and grandkids, but given the need to keep Marshall calm (he gets pretty excited with a house full of kids!) we’ve suspended the ritual for this week and will instead enjoy a lazy Sunday doting on the dog.